Things to know about SABER

If you are exporting goods to Saudi Arabia, you will need to get a certificate of conformity (COC) for both products and shipments. How to obtain these certificates; this blog will guide you comprehensively.

Being a part of the Saudi product safety program; SASO Quality mark, metrology, and Saudi standards has introduced an electronic place which is known as SABER.

This platform is the best alternative to the Certificate of conformity and SASO that helps to clear goods from Saudi custom clearance. You can say that SABER is an essential part of your product in the Saudi Arabian market.

The SABER plays a key role to join traders and importers that helps to qualify from certification bodies such as Cotecna. It also allows you to increase the time for issuing your certificates.

How to achieve Conformity certificated from the SABER platform.

Certificate process for products:

  • The importer or exporter has to provide all detail and information on the SABER platform.
  • You have to choose any certification body like Cotecna.
  • Coctecna has access to check out the conformity request from the SABER platform.
  • Cotecna makes sure to check your documents carefully and other essential tasks like audit, inspection, or testing.
  • If there is a need for inspections, testing, or audit, content schedule this process.
  • If they are satisfied with your results, they will issue the product certificate.
  • You can find out your product certificate from the SABER platform, which is valid for one year.

To make sure that the entire process is accomplished, you can hire agencies for this process.

Process for shipment certificates:

  • As an importer, you have to send an online request on the SABER platform.
  • Cotecne reviews your product certificates and makes sure that every product is regulated.
  • This certification body schedule audit and inspection for your company.
  • If you’re provided information and documents are valid, they will issue a certificate of shipment on the SABER platform.
  • You can download your shipment certificate from SABER, which is valid for particular shipments.

Benefits of SABER:

  • You get assistance from reliable certification bodies that help you obtain a certificate.
  • You get access to the internet, which allows you to track your product or shipment.
  • You get a quick response which saves you lots of time.
  • You get additional consumer protection.
  • It helps to reduce non-conforming products and frauds.

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