Ways to claim cargo insurance

Submission: The submissions should not be made late. If there is any claim or declarations then they must submitted within a particular time once the delivery has been done. Also, the submission has to be done to the company of insurance. This can take up to a week or even two to three months. There is a number given on the certificate of insurance. Make sure you know that number so the submission can be done easily.

Information: Information such as the email address, contact number, residential address is quite a basic information yet important. But, information such as the location of the storage, the date of the storage, the package was packed by whom and the package was unpacked by whom. All such information is significant too. Make sure that you have a list of all these things and try to have a copy with you because it is quite useful. Following is an easy explanation of information that is likely to be misinterpreted.

The first is the number of inventory

It is basically a number of any good or product which is indicated on the list of inventory. Every company of insurance will give an individual the list of inventory but if the company doesn’t do so, then you should ask for one.

The room of the good or products

This is basically a room where the good and products were kept prior to its packing such a kitchen or any other room.

Then comes the damage

You should be able to identify the type of damage such as whether the goods or products is missing or has been damaged by some means. You should also tell the place where the damage has been done.

The age of the goods or products as well as the obtaining date should also be mentioned. Try to write the date when you bought the goods or products as correctly and close as you can. If the goods or the products are used then the age of the item will be different in comparison to the obtaining date.

You have to give the description of your goods or products as well. You should tell about the goods or products that have been insured. If your goods or products are missing, then try to give proper and correct details so there is no discrepancy.

If you are a resident of Dubai and some issue related to cargo happens then you should contact the cargo insurance companies in Dubai.

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