How to buy a 3D printer

Getting a 3d printer means that you can do endless things with it. According to companies who give the best 3d printing services in Dubai, they say that 3d printing is like a wand and the spells can be casted from the Auto CAD (computer aided design, it is a software which gives commands to the 3d printer). Huge 3d printers are used by sign board companies in Dubai for the cheapest, fastest and the newest type of advertising.

Benefits of Buying a 3d Printer

We understand that 3d printers are very expensive but people have doubled their investment by knowing the exact use of 3d printing. The uses of 3d printers is another topic of discussion or better yet, just get a 3d printer and start experimenting on your own. If you want to get a 3d printer then it is best that you know what to look in for when buying a 3d printer.

  1. Decide What You Will be Printing from the 3d Printer: there is a difference between small office use or residential usage 3d printer and an industrial sized 3d printer. First you have to see that what is there that you have to print and how many times a week you will be printing.
  • See Your Printing Style: there are different types of printing styles to choose from;
  • FDM: Fused deposition modeling, in this hot plastic is used as filament and that is used to create 3d objects.
  • DLP: digital light processing, it uses vats of liquid resin when the printing is under process.
  • SLA: Stereolithography, it uses powder instead of resin.
  • SLS: Selective laser sintering and this very much similar to SLA.
  • Check for Safety Features: the 3d printer like the FDM one, it is considered safe because once the printing is done, it automatically cools down after it is shut down and then there is a 3d doodle pen which pauses in order for the filament to cool down and to prevent from damaging the design.
  • Check for High-Quality Features: safety with advanced features is like a dream come true, advanced features like dual filament support, small but efficient, the one that uses less electricity etc.
  • Consider Buying from a Brand: brands are good when it comes to tech and it is suggested that you buy a branded one means the expensive one.

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