Get your cake delivered easily with these tips

There are a lot of shops that provide customized caked in Dubai but sometimes these will not have the right kind of vehicle to send these cakes to the customers and they will avoid taking delivery orders due to this reason. If you have some experience in this field and you know that how to provide the best protection to cakes while delivering then you can provide your services to these cake bakers. In this way they will send their orders and get customer’s satisfaction and you will get to earn a bit from that too. You have to know that you should have some good quality special vehicles to transfer these cakes to customer sand also you have to know about the addresses of the city very well. To deliver best customized cakes in Dubai, you have to read this below:


You have to see that if you are only providing the delivery services then you will get only a little amount from the company and the customer will not pay you anything in return and you can also not allowed to ask about any money other than the order amount you are required to take from them. You need to provide your charges according to the areas and the distance so it will be quite just for everyone. You can charge more when the cake is very big or when handling that cake will be difficult and you need to have an extra person with you to protect that from damaging. You have to set your charges according to the situation and it should not be very rigid for everyone who orders cake.


Although it is not your responsibility to take care of the packaging but you are responsible to deliver the package and if you di that wrong then you will not be able to get more orders to deliver form the same baker so you will search for another one. If you do not want that to happen then you need to provide an extra layer of protection to the cake but this layer should not heat up the cake otherwise all the cream on that will be melt, results in DE shaping your cake. Packing will matters a little when you have special vehicles that will have separate compartments for different sized cakes.

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