Different Types of Exhibition Stands

Displays at any type of exhibition are there to build brand awareness and sell products or services to prospective clients and customers. This is where the significance of exhibition stands come that helps in achieving these aims. Considering hundreds of your competitors struggling for the same attention, it is pivotal to ensure that your stand is the best at captivating and alluring thousands of people being there in an event.

The most common way of doing this is hiring exhibition stand designers to create customized exhibition stand for your company or product to develop something unique and stylish. There exists a wide variety of shapes and styles of exhibition stand to choose from exhibition stand builders in Dubai. Here are some of the most popular stand choices.


Poles and panels are joined together to create a good-looking and multifaceted display stand. The benefit of modular exhibition stands is that its background can be easily changed to display your brand or company name by adding printable display panels.


If you regularly travel to advertise your products or services, you need to have portable exhibition stands. A specially designed advertising stand with a roll up banner and a lightweight metal frame will be the best option for you to easily transport and setup your display.

Pop up displays and banner

A good option to add to a limited space is to opt for a pop up display and banner stand. Being lightweight and easy to transport, they can be used them multiple exhibitions and moved around conveniently. Similarly, it is the best choice if you need a cheaper display that takes up less space and is still effective in displaying your products uniquely.


Island stands do not have walls and can be centrally located in an exhibition. It means that the visitors will be walking around your display and thus it needs to be alluring from all sides and angles. If space is not an issue, you can design some great island stands featuring screens on all sides or even build it taller, so people from a distance may know where to find your exhibition.

All of these stands can be altered to create customized exhibition stands of any size and shape. If you are looking for best exhibition stands, click on the link to contact the top event management company in Dubai.

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