A guide to buying prayer mats

There are a lot of different kinds of prayer mats which people are using now and the companies are getting more innovations in them so that people will buy new things otherwise one prayer mat will go for many years and people will not buy a new one unless they see something different in that. They are now getting new portable prayer mat so that people will take them with them during their journey. There is a great way of having your prayer mat through the prayer mat online shops and you will get them at your home without going out. Here is a complete guide to see in your mats before buying:


There are different designs available in prayer mats and you have to be vigilant while getting one of them. See that the design should not have the embedded pictures of masjid because you have to lie that down on the ground and it will be not a good thing to have these pictures on the ground and under your feet. There are several other designs which are the specialty of these prayer mats and one of them is the design of half tomb with pillars on both sides of the prayer mat.


You need to check the size of your prayer mat too because there are different sizes available even the smaller sizes to gift it to the kids in order to give them a personalized feel so that they will be happy to pray on their own prayer mat. Adult sized prayer mat is the one which is about 4 to 5 feet because adults are the ones who use these more. There are also some prayer mats of very small size which only use to lie on the place of prostration and these are used when people are allergic to the dirt so they will take this sized prayer mat with them when they go to mosque for offering prayer. They are about 2 to 3 feet in width and it is the most selling size for adults and also this width is used for the kids’ prayer mats as lesser width will be very difficult to pray on that. Extra-large sizes are also available for people who are huge and need more space to pray easily and comfortably on the bare ground.

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