Benefits of setting up a business in a UAE free zone

If you are looking to set up a business in UAE; then you made the right decision for your future. During the past few years, UAE has become the best business place for foreigners as the UAE government offers great opportunities to them. UAE is contributing world economy incredibly, which is why people are seeking to become part of this opportunity. Dubai free zone is one of the best places to set up your business in UAE. You can enjoy numerous benefits from running a company in UAE. In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of forming a company in a free zone.

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Complete ownership:

Unlike mainland free zone allow you to enjoy 100% ownership of your business. You don’t have to find a local partner for setting up your company.  So you are free to run your company according to your needs and there is no involvement of any person. Moreover, the formation process is much easy than mainland companies.

No involvement of currency regulations:

One of the great benefits of setting up your company in the Dubai free zone is there is no involvement of currency regulations. Currency regulations mean the restrictions of foreign currency transactions that are imposed by the UAE government on foreigners. However, in a free zone, you are free from these restrictions, which make your financial transactions easy.

Exemption from import/export duties:

UAE government is making sure to facilitate their foreign investors. That is the reason most people are considering UAE for business. The significant benefit of setting up a company in the UAE is you don’t have to pay any import/export duties. This way, UAE is promoting International trade.

Tax benefits:

Another best thing about free zone companies is you don’t have to pay corporate or personal income tax. UAE government offers 100% exemption to foreign investors. This is such an incredible benefit for business owners.

Repatriation benefits:

Company Setup in Ajman Free Zone also allows you to enjoy 100% repatriation benefits. It may include your assets and business income. You are allowed to take them to your native country.

Easy to recruit labor:

The benefits of forming a company in a free zone are you can easily effectively fulfill the recruitment process. You are also allowed to hire foreign people.

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