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Men Therapy Session


Single Sessions (45 minutes) are $150

Double Sessions (1.5 hours) are $300

Half day Sessions (3.25 hours) are $600


 I highly recommend couples starting with either a double or half day session to provide enough time for them to get to the core of their issues, enough time for me to understand their marriage dynamics, and enough time for them to make substantial change right from the start when they need it most. After the initial double or half day then I recommend weekly single or double sessions to ensure long-term change.


If you would like to use insurance, you would pay me full fee at the time of service through cash, check, Zelle, or PayPal. Then, I provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. Since I'm licensed, most insurance companies reimburse around 50%. Clients are responsible for verifying reimbursement rates with their insurance company for seeing someone out of network.


I also provide every 6th session for free and I encourage couples to use that money for a nice date night instead.